Official Game Of Thrones STARK Sigil Direwolf Keychain

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Series : Game Of Thrones

Key Features : Official Game Of Thrones Merchandise

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"The North Remembers. Winter is Coming." 


I Bow down only to the true king, The King of The North. I have Warg blood in my veins. We pray to the Old Gods. If you feel strangely drawn to any of these statements, you might have the Old Blood in your veins!! This necklace is perfect for your sojourn into the cold world of House Stark. And remember, In winter, the lone wolf dies, only the pack survives. And always be ready, to play, the Game of Thrones.


Official GAME OF THRONES House of Stark Sigil Keychain!!

This keychain depicts “GAME OF THRONES” at it’s best!


A perfect present for STARK / Game Of Thrones Lovers!!



Why Buy This Product?


High Quality Brass Product

Coolest Keychains Of All!!

Must Have For GAME OF THRONES / STARK Lovers !!



Official Game of Thrones Merchandise

Approx 6 CMs in diameter

Approx 13 cm in length

House Of Stark Sigil with Direwolf

Precisely detailed Die Cast Metal



1 XOfficial Game Of Thrones STARK Sigil Direwolf Keychain